Solution To Overcome Tonsils That Never Heal?

Illustration of Solution To Overcome Tonsils That Never Heal?
Illustration: Solution To Overcome Tonsils That Never Heal?

Tonight .. I want to ask my brother-in-law I have tonsils that have various kinds of medicine from the doctor, it doesn’t heal, it can’t be difficult and it’s hot and cold … What is the solution?

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Hi Eva,

Tonsils (tonsils) is a term commonly used to refer to the medical condition of tonsillitis (tonsillitis). Inflammation of the tonsils itself is an inflammatory condition in the tonsil organs that can cause the following complaints:

Throat pain Enlarged tonsils Pain or difficulty swallowing Nausea, headaches, aches, fatigue or fever Changes in voice, hoarseness etc. Tonsillitis is a common medical condition in children because tonsils play a role in the immune process (helps ward off infections). As an adult and the immune system is good enough, the tonsils will gradually shrink. In adults who experience inflammation of the tonsils with complaints that are quite severe or often recurring, doctors generally recommend the removal of tonsils (tonsillectomy / tonsillectomy).

In addition to surgery, doctors can also do / recommend the following things related to this condition:

Conduct a healthy lifestyle to prevent tonsillitis infection / inflammation Avoid consumption of foods that can irritate the tonsils such as food that is too hard, too dry or too hot Consume enough water Prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs, painkillers or antibiotics if needed Gargle with salt water or other antiseptic mouth rinses Articles related to your question:

Treatment of tonsillitis

May be useful,

dr. Budiono

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