Solution To Overcome Toxoplasmosis In Infants?

Illustration of Solution To Overcome Toxoplasmosis In Infants?
Illustration: Solution To Overcome Toxoplasmosis In Infants?

I want to ask, 6-month-old children are indicated toxo what solutions should be done?

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There is a suspicion of toxoplasmosis in your baby who is 6 months old and accompanied by a smaller head size, a possible occurrence of toxoplasmosis due to toxoplasma infection during pregnancy. Infants with toxoplasmosis obtained from the womb are also called conginetal toxoplasmosis. Infants with conginetal toxoplasmosis infection, often accompanied by comorbid complaints that can develop after birth, such as:

1. enlarged liver

2. vomit

3. eye disorders and / or visual impairment

4. complaints when giving food or breast milk

5. hearing loss

6. yellow skin

7. low birth weight

8. disorders of the nervous system

9. head size larger or smaller

10. intelligence disorders

Because these complaints or symptoms need to be supported by appropriate medical data, to ensure that a suspicion of Toxoplasma infection can be done early in the form of an examination and consultation with your pediatrician. The doctor will evaluate the condition of the growth and development of children, and plan examinations supporting (blood, brain fluid) and radiological examinations that are needed related to the risk of toxoplasma infection. Thus, if an indication of toxoplasma infection is found, macadiagnosa can be suppressed and treatment of infants with toxoplasma infection can be done. The prognosis of infant or child patients with toxoplasma will be related to the development of the disease they are experiencing towards the therapeutic response they undergo.

However, if it turns out the results of a medical examination show no toxoplasma infection was found in your baby, then head circumference that is not appropriate for your baby's age may not be a congenital disorder, so you can continue to provide positive care for your baby.

At this time, you should continue your child's consultation and treatment by your pediatrician. Thus, your child gets appropriate care and treatment. Jam, keep your environment clean, and avoid the triggering factors of Toxoplasma infection.

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