Solution To Reduce Minus On The Eyes?

Illustration of Solution To Reduce Minus On The Eyes?
Illustration: Solution To Reduce Minus On The Eyes?

Afternoon ….. I want to ask … If we use OTEM / THM drugs that are sold whether our eyes can be reduced minus it

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Until now, the eye disorder minus or nearsightedness, can not be cured by using eye drops, eye ointments or any oral medication because until this sata has not been found drugs that can prevent changes in the eyes of people with nearsightedness. The currently recognized way of helping to reduce near-normal minus values ​​in distant disturbances is by LASIK surgery where this operation uses laser technology to scrape the cornea of ​​the eye to approach the normal cornea of ​​the eye.

The drug that you are asking about is not clear research yet about its efficacy, how it works and also its side effects. Therefore, if you have nearsightedness or minus eye, have your eye checked by an ophthalmologist to get the appropriate prescription for glasses or LASIK action plan.

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