Solution To Reduce Toothache?

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Illustration: Solution To Reduce Toothache?


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Do you mean that your wisdom teeth are growing? Basically wisdom teeth, also called molar teeth 3, are the most recent growing teeth, usually between the ages of 17-21 years. Because the most recent growth, problems often occur along with the growth of these teeth, including teeth that grow sideways and where the growth of teeth covered by other teeth.

Mild to moderate pain is a normal symptom that occurs when wisdom teeth are growing, but if the pain is quite severe and disturbing, accompanied by swelling of the gums, jaw pain, ear pain, difficulty opening the mouth, you may experience impaction on your wisdom teeth ( teeth can not come out because the growth is tilted or stuck in the teeth in front of him). To be able to know for sure whether there are indeed certain problems with your wisdom teeth or not, you should do a check with the dentist. The dentist will advise you to do a panoramic dental x-ray examination to see the position of your wisdom teeth that have not fully grown (and also other wisdom teeth that have not yet grown).

For the time being you can try to take pain relievers such as paracetamol and compress the painful cheeks with cold compresses to help reduce your pain. While you have difficulty opening your mouth, try to eat soft foods and don't need to chew too much to make it easier for you to swallow your food.

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