Solutions For Overcoming Leg Cramps To Groin Pain And Swollen Penis?

Illustration of Solutions For Overcoming Leg Cramps To Groin Pain And Swollen Penis?
Illustration: Solutions For Overcoming Leg Cramps To Groin Pain And Swollen Penis?

My younger brother is a 35 year old boy who has been actively lifting barbells at his house for 10 years. R n My brother was diagnosed with hepatitis C, jaundice and was hospitalized and had a hard stomach and was declared by a doctor for swelling of the bile. R n It happened less than 20 years ago and recently my brother. I complained that his legs were cramped until he got pregnant and ran from his waist until his groin hurt and his genitals were a bit swollen and sore, he told me what happened 2 weeks ago and only 3 The day before, he complained of a stomachache in his right hand side and the pain did not go away and would subside when he was laughing at bed rest. r n My brother was in security at one of the government offices. r nIs it hurt that my brother is domk and is there a solution, my brother is afraid. to the doctor because he was afraid of being diagnosed with a terrible disease … thanks for the answer …

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From the information you have conveyed, to find out what illness a patient or your sibling is, it is necessary to have a direct examination by a doctor, so that the doctor can perform a physical examination, and supporting examinations if necessary. Without meeting a general practitioner or an internal medicine doctor, and without a physical examination of the patient, the disease or diagnosis of a sick complaint cannot be directly confirmed.

Regarding the complaints felt by your sister, whether related to stomach pain, leg cramps, swelling of the testicles, it may be caused by different diseases or it can also be triggered by bile disorders that have been experienced before.

Other possible conditions can be caused by:

1. dead end

2. urinary tract infection

3. liver disorders such as hepatitis c

4. Lack of balance of water, vegetables and fruit, causing cramps

5. stress and physical exhaustion

6. Lack of sleep

7. eating habits that do not support health

As long as the patient is worried about undergoing the examination, it is not certain the cause is known. So that the anxiety and worry that is felt by your sister must be controlled and your sister must be given support to want to see a doctor. As early as possible the diagnosis is enforced, and as early as possible a disease condition is treated, it is hoped that recovery will be better and help return to optimal productivity.

And even if you have received an examination, not always the diagnosed disease is a serious disease.

That's the information we can convey, also read hepatitis-c.


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