Solutions For Treating Babies Born Without Uvula?

my child was just born 3 weeks ago, then according to the pediatrician at the RSIA where I was, when the doctor tried to open my child’s mouth, he saw that there were no intills or uvula in the throat area, so what is the best solution according to thanks for attention.

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The results of the doctor's examination

your child's physical condition, where it isn't

found in the uvula in the oral cavity,

then in general it needs to be done

evaluate for other abnormalities in the system

body or in the oral cavity. And When

no abnormalities were found

accompanying, then in general, the pediatric patient

without uvula can live well and


The function of the uvula itself is to:

1. help the speaking process

2. Helps lubricate the throat area

3. help the process of swallowing

The absence of a uvula will reduce the function of the uvula, but it will not significantly affect your child's oral cavity, because lubrication and the function of swallowing and speaking can be supported by other organs in the oral cavity and throat.

To get more optimal information, you can consult and discuss directly with a pediatrician or pediatric surgeon in a hospital in your city.

That is the information we can convey, also read the absent uvula.

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