Solutions To Treat Sore Throats?

Illustration of Solutions To Treat Sore Throats?
Illustration: Solutions To Treat Sore Throats?

I want to ask. r I have a sore throat due to smoking and they say I talk less so that I don’t get irritated, but myself, during my illness, I often cough, is it dangerous or not? Please help

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Sore throats are often caused by viruses or bacteria. Usually if the cause is bacteria, you will get greenish yellow phlegm. In addition, some of the other symptoms that often accompany are:

Fever Headache Nasal congestion Cough Enlarged tonsils Pain or difficulty swallowing Some of the causes of sore throats other than bacterial or viral infections are:

Muscle tension due to screaming Allergies Gastric acid disease or GERD Irritation caused by alcohol or cigarette smoke Dry air However, to be able to know the exact cause, further questions and answers about your complaint and physical examination related to the complaint are needed. For that, immediately consult directly with a doctor in your area to get treatment that suits your needs.

Meanwhile, some suggestions that you can do are:

Avoid cigarette smoke for a while. Consume warm food and drinks to help reduce discomfort in the throat. Get enough rest. Avoid using excessive voices (not screaming for a while). May be useful

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