Illustration of Somatization?
Illustration: Somatization?

Hello, I am a 23 year old woman, at the moment I have a stomachache on the right side to the back, I feel achy and sore. Previously, I had an appendectomy and around April I caught typhus .. After typhus, the pain in my stomach and stiffness increased so that I returned to an internal medicine specialist after being rubbed on the stomach and kidneys. sick .. After how many days I returned to the jkt and the stomach pain recurred on the right side, I went to the hospital emergency room and had a blood check as stated by the dr that I had a problem in my stomach, and it came from thinking and stress .. what and only given the drug Lanzoprazole, but until now I still feel pain in the right side of the stomach even like to feel back pain to the legs … Do I have to have an endoscopy or am I really part of an anxiety disorder? Because one of the doctors advised me to see a psychiatrist ….. Thank you

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Good morning, thanks for asking at In medicine, there is a term called psychosomatic. Psychosomatic is a term to describe the fact that the mind and the physical are closely related. It is very possible for someone to have mental disorders such as stress, anxiety, frequent worry, overthinking, and so on, to experience physical disturbances in the form of abdominal pain, diarrhea, acne, dizziness and moving or non-specific pain. This can be explained through certain mechanisms that are influenced by hormones and various other substances in the body.

This possibility is usually not used as the first choice by doctors not because it is not important, but if there is a physical abnormality, it must be treated first because it can be more emergency and simpler to handle than psychological problems that require in-depth interviews first.

In your case, if you have visited several doctors and one of them is an internal medicine doctor and it is said that there is indeed no physical abnormality, then of course what should be examined next is from a mental perspective, especially if you admit that you have concerns, anxieties or burdens. certain thoughts. Regarding endoscopy, this is a procedure that is not without risks, and whether or not you need to do it will depend on the examination of the internist or the surgery. If the doctors do not see the correlation by taking history, physical examination and standard support, then an endoscopy may not be necessary. If you are still curious, it doesn't matter if you want to check it out first. We could not determine because we did not examine you directly.

However, if you have trusted the previous doctor's examination, or you have checked again and the results are still no physical abnormalities, you should check with a psychiatrist and tell me all your problems. Your psychiatrist will be able to detect if there is a mental disorder causing you to feel pain that doesn't go away regardless of how many tests you do. The therapy you will receive later may not be in the form of drugs, but in the form of psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, acupuncture, electrical therapy, and meditation.

Meanwhile, you can try to meditate at home, relax, do yoga movements, listen to soft music, and avoid stress by having "me time" and so on. We wish you and your family good health.

That's all, hope it helps.

dr. Amadeo D. Basfiansa

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