Sore Eyes

Illustration of Sore Eyes
Illustration: Sore Eyes

Hello doc, I want to ask. I have just learned welding for three days, and I feel pain in my eyes until my head feels dizzy, and my eyes are blurred. Then there are seniors (friends) who advise to consume analgesics and use pantocain eye drops and cold compresses on the eyes to reduce my pain. What I want to ask about the use of these drugs has an effect for the long term or not doc? Then to reduce the effects of pain due to contact In addition to the use of light welding drugs that my friend suggested earlier, what can be done doc?

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Hello Rizka, thank you for asking at

Complaints of eye pain can be caused by various causes including:

Bacterial, viral, or fungal infections such as conjunctivitis

Dry eye
Foreign object

Glaucoma, and so on

For proper handling, of course it is necessary to conduct a direct examination on the eyes that are experiencing complaints, then do additional checks as needed. That way the cause can be known and the handling will be appropriate and directed. If a bacterial infection does occur, antibiotics are given, if you are allergic, you will be given hypo-allergens, and so on.

Related to your question, pain treatment using pain relief may be done but is limited to over-the-counter medications such as Paracetamol. For the use of pantocain (a local anesthetic drug in the eye) without doctor's advice is inappropriate because in addition to being classified as a hard drug, indiscriminate use without doctor's indication can cause adverse side effects in the eye such as redness of the eye to swelling in the eye.

For now things that can be done are:

Use safety gear when you weld
Drink a lot of water
Avoid dry eyes, eyes can be dripped with artificial tear fluid that can be obtained at pharmacies
Don't rub your eyes
Compress the eye that feels pain / swelling
To relieve pain, use Paracetamol according to the rules of use on the packaging

Immediately consult your complaints with an ophthalmologist especially if there is decreased vision.

So, hopefully useful.

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