Sore Eyes

Illustration of Sore Eyes
Illustration: Sore Eyes

Hello doc I want to ask, it’s been 5 days now I see like a flash of light at the tip of my left eye. initially not sore but very long sore, achy, and dizzy when the left part. Is this because you are tired of staring at the screen of your laptop and cellphone continuously dock? then what’s the solution for me who lectures online that requires staring at the screen of the laptop and cell phone continuously?

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Hello Theresia,

Thank you for the question.

A side of the eye that looks like a flash of light, accompanied by aching, aches, and dizziness may be purely caused by your eyes being exhausted from prolonged use of a laptop or cellphone. However, it could also be that complaints in your eyes indicate more serious conditions, such as acute closed angle glaucoma, uveitis, retinal detachment, retinal tear, keratitis, vitreous bleeding, and so on. Disorders in other organ systems, such as migraines, cluster headaches, brain tumors, sinusitis, and even psychic disorders can sometimes also cause uncomfortable symptoms around the eyes as you experience them.

Our advice, if you feel sore, sore, and dizzy, you feel very great, you can check yourself directly to the doctor or optometrist. Sharp examination of the vision, slit lamp, to ophthalmoscopy can be done as a basis for the doctor in giving you the best management.

In the meantime, your complaint can be alleviated first by:

Cold compress your eyes
Try to limit it first when you use a laptop and cellphone. If this is not possible, make sure the distance between your eyes and the screen and the lighting in the room where you study is good enough. Also rest your eyes whenever you feel tired when looking at laptops and mobile phones.
If you have problems with refraction of the eye, for example due to minus or cylindrical eyes, correcting using glasses and contact lenses according to doctor's advice
Avoid your eyes from intruding foreign objects
Enough sleep and regular
Take paracetamol to relieve aches and dizziness if necessary

Hope this helps ...

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