Sore Heel When Walking?

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Illustration: Sore Heel When Walking? Bing

my doctor wants to ask the heel of my foot always hurts when I walk and if I press the heel it hurts I can’t stand the pain what am I and what is the medicine and if the treatment is only given anti-pain when the medicine is finished the pain won’t go away please doctor

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From the information you have provided, complaints of heel pain when walking may be caused by inflammation in the muscle area around your heel. This condition is accompanied by pain, stiff movements, and may experience swelling.

Some of the conditions below can cause the same complaints as you feel, such as:

1. infection around the heel

2. muscle stiffness

3. Abnormal bone formation in the heel area that compresses muscles and nerves, or bone spurs

4. Inflammation of the fascia or the protective layer of the muscle or a fasciitis

5. history of trauma

6. rheumatism

If you take treatment and relapse after the drug wears off, then you should immediately consult your family doctor again. this visit can be repeated 3-5 times visits periodically, thus, the doctor can evaluate the treatment and other possible causes above.

Then the doctor can plan a referral to a neurologist or bone doctor to help make a diagnosis of your condition.

If you control it once, but you still have pain after the medicine has run out, then you don't control it for a long time, then the evaluation of treatment and diagnosis does not go well.

In the meantime, until you see the doctor again, you should use sandals or soft shoes to help reduce pain complaints.

Thus the information we can convey, also read bone spurs.


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