Sore Throat

Illustration of Sore Throat
Illustration: Sore Throat

I have been breathing for 2 weeks, sore throat.

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Hello Rohim, thank you for asking at

Reading your complaint, the complaint can be caused by several possible conditions such as:

Sore throat
Stomach acid disease

Because your complaint has been felt for a long time for up to 2 weeks, has not improved and there is a possibility of COVID-19, it is strongly recommended to consult the doctor further for a direct evaluation so that it can be determined what causes it and what therapy is recommended for you do further.

Meanwhile, besides going to the doctor directly, there are some things you can try to do yourself at home, namely:

Stay at home as long as complaints are felt and try to maintain a minimum distance of 1 meter from other family members
Wear a mask while at home and when seeing a doctor, especially when complaints are still felt
Avoid sharing food / drinks / personal items with others
Wash your hands with soap and water regularly
Increase daily fluid consumption at least 2 liters per day
Maintaining adequate and balanced nutritious food intake every day
Get enough rest every day for at least 6-8 hours
Avoid consumption of fried, sour, spicy, ice-rich and hard-textured foods while complaints are still present
You are allowed to consume sweets or throat lozenges or OBH to help reduce complaints according to the dosage on the package until further advice from the doctor who examined you

I hope this helps.

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