Sore Throat

Illustration of Sore Throat
Illustration: Sore Throat

Doc, my throat hurts and I want one Sunday but there is no fever what is a corona sign

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Hi Vivi,

Thank you for the question.

Diseases caused by Corona virus infection (or called COVID-19) can show symptoms ranging from asymptomatic, mild symptoms (such as sore throats that you experience) to severe (such as shortness, chills, loss of consciousness), and even deadly. So, if you ask, if sore throat without fever can be a sign of COVID-19, the answer could be yes.

However, besides COVID-19, many other types of viruses and bacteria can also cause sore throats, for example Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, Influenza, Diphtheria, and so on. Allergy, irritation, foreign body entry, excessive vocal cord stretching, gastric acid reflux, benign or malignant tumors around the throat, even psychological disorders can also make your throat ache.

Considering your symptoms are mild, it's better not to be anxious about this, right? You can relieve your throat pain by drinking and eating warm foods (such as ginger water, soupy broth) that are not greasy and not spicy, don't talk too much especially scream too much , gargle with salt solution frequently, get enough and regular sleep, drink paracetamol when the pain feels severe enough, do not smoke, and discipline to live a healthy lifestyle so that the immune system is more prime. In a COVID-19 pandemic like this, it would be far better if you increase your silence at home, don't go out unless urgent, keep your personal hygiene, do not carelessly hold public facilities, and keep your distance from other people so that your risk of contracting the disease can be more small.

If the complaint improves with the steps above, chances are your condition is not dangerous and you don't need to see a doctor directly. Conversely, if in addition to throat pain you also have a high fever for more than 3 days, shortness of breath, vomiting, or you feel you have been in contact with sufferers / suspects of COVID-19, then you should check yourself directly to your doctor, ENT doctor, or internal medicine doctor ...

I hope this helps.

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