Sore Throat Accompanied By Fever And Cough Whether Corona Virus Or Flu?

Hello doc, sya alfiansyah 2/3 days lately I feel a sore throat / pain and accompanied by fever and cough and sometimes I feel stuffy, I have a history of lung disease “and still continue to go for outpatient treatment to this day how do you get affected by a virus? / flu and how the solution thanks doc

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Hello euis

Thank you for asking

I understand your concern, let alone the epidemic of this corona virus, but you do not need to panic but must be vigilant. there are several possible causes that you experience could be you have the common cold, strep throat or indeed because of your lung disease or stomach acid disease.

to ensure this should be examined by a doctor, you have control over your lung doctor, you can do an examination or ask your doctor about your complaint. if the complaints you feel are heavy such as shortness of breath or heavy breathing you can immediately come to the nearest hospital.

It is better for now that you do prevention with Corna virus

 stay at home use a mask diligently wash your hands avoid the crowd keep a minimum distance of 1 meter avoid direct contact with shaking hands consume water at least 2 liters eat nutritious food multiply multiply vegetables and fruits avoid spicy, sour or high-fat avoid caffeine, smoking and alkhol I can give

I hope you get well soon

stay at home to break the chain of transmission of corona

thank you

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