Sore Throat Accompanied By Flu And Earache?

Illustration of Sore Throat Accompanied By Flu And Earache?
Illustration: Sore Throat Accompanied By Flu And Earache?

Hello, since two days ago, I have caught a cold, but yesterday my throat started to hurt, until now it is getting worse, every night I sleep soundly because my throat is very sick, but the pain is only in my left throat, and because I am also runny nose nasal cavities u0026amp; my ears also hurt a lot. guess why? And how to get better soon?

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Hello Sa'daa,

Thank you for asking

Between the nose, ears, and throat are interconnected because of the Eustachian tube and nasopharynx. Therefore, inflammation in one of the areas above can spread to other areas. This is the possibility that causes your complaints at this time.

Colds (flu) that you experience most often due to inflammation of the nasal cavity (rhinitis) due to irritation, for example when exposed to dry air, smoke, or pollution. Allergies, viral infections, bacterial infections, entry of foreign objects into the nasal cavity, side effects of drugs, benign or malignant tumors, to disorders of the immune system can also cause colds. Not only colds, rhinitis can also make you sneeze, feel itchy around the nose, cough, experience olfactory disorders, taste disorders, and other sensations of being unwell. If the cause of a cold is an infection, a fever can also occur.

Because of rhinitis, inflammation can spread to the throat (pharyngitis) and cause pain, itching, throat phlegm, coughing, and many other complaints. This inflammation can also spread to the middle ear (otitis media), so that makes the ear feel painful, full, and even hearing loss. Furthermore, if this condition is not treated properly, the eardrum can be torn, so that from the ear will come out abnormal secretions and smells bad.

The conditions above can be interrelated and become the cause and / or effect of other conditions. Therefore, handling should not be done haphazardly. Check with your doctor or ENT specialist so that your condition can be treated properly according to the cause. Nasal irritation, medication administration, follow-up examinations (eg laboratory, X-rays, or airway endoscopy), even surgery (in more severe cases) can be done by your doctor to resolve your complaint.

So that your complaints get better faster, here are our suggestions:

Get more rest
Reduce consumption of foods and drinks that are cold, greasy, berasasan, and excessive artificial sweetening
Eat regularly, choose foods that are warm, soft-textured
Complete your food by eating fruits that are rich in vitamin C
If you have a history of allergies to certain substances, avoid them
Don't smoke, stay away from the smoke too
Use a mask to cover your nose and mouth so you don't get in the substance
Take paracetamol to help reduce pain in your throat and ears

Hope this helps ...

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