Sore Throat Accompanied By Hot Body?

Illustration of Sore Throat Accompanied By Hot Body?
Illustration: Sore Throat Accompanied By Hot Body?

Congratulations, I didn’t have a history of internal pain before. One day at a sport I ate hot food and drank cold water. From there the day after that my throat hurts and my body is hot. I checked it said I had a throat infection or strep throat. But strangely, I felt like I was coughing and phlegm like that. After that how come I cough suddenly while bleeding. Then I checked again said the doctor at the clinic sore throat. I avoid spicy foods, ice, many oily foods etc. Once I drink ice. The next day the inflammation recurred immediately and accompanied by coughing up blood. Besides that, I teach, so in class I have to say loud, right, sometimes my throat feels sore and sore. Do you think it’s common sore throat or what? Please explain, thank you.

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Good morning, thanks for asking at The conditions that you experience can occur due to several possibilities, including:

Inflammation of the vocal cords or laryngitis

Strep throat or pharyngitis

Esophageal inflammation or esophagitis


The reason is actually not due to eating spicy food and drinking cold water. Because consuming these two things together, does not damage the body and does no harm. Which may be the cause is the lack of cleanliness of food and or drinks that you consume, and can also be supported by your decreased immune system, for example due to fatigue, lack of sleep, stress, lack of nutrition and lack of exercise.

Therefore our advice for now besides taking medicine, you should rest yourself first. Especially because your profession requires you to talk a lot, taking 1-2 days off will have a big impact on your recovery. In addition, multiply the consumption of warm water and may be mixed with lemon or honey, eat lozenges, keep talking as much as possible, and if your complaints still don't improve or get worse, go to your doctor, this time to the ENT doctor. So, hopefully answering your question.

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