Sore Throat Accompanied By Pain In The Muscles?

Illustration of Sore Throat Accompanied By Pain In The Muscles?
Illustration: Sore Throat Accompanied By Pain In The Muscles?

, say I went to the clinic doctor I complained of strep throat but given the drug dexteem, what I was looking for was obviously a cure for allergies. And my throat still feels good. Then I also complain of pain in the muscles of the body. That’s why?

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Complaints of inflammation in the throat can be caused by various possibilities. Symptoms that arise from inflammation can be itching in the throat, painful swallowing, or a lump in the throat. Things that can cause an inflamed throat include:

 Viral infections, most commonly occur followed by other complaints such as coughing, nasal congestion, muscle and joint pain, headaches, to shortness of breath Bacterial infections Allergy Irritation due to exposure to cigarette smoke, vehicle smoke, or excessive consumption of oily foods Air pollution To determine the probable cause of course the examination must be done thoroughly in the form of medical interviews, physical examinations, to certain additional examinations.

For now, there are a number of things you can do:

 Consumption of healthy and nutritious food Drink enough warm water, avoid cold drinks Regular exercise Rest enough Avoid foods too spicy and greasy Avoid cigarettes and alcohol Anti-pain consumption such as Paracetamol to relieve discomfort If complaints can be resolved with initial treatment at home, you are advised to stay home and avoid traveling and gathering in the crowd. However, if symptoms of pain persist or difficulty in swallowing or breathing immediately to the doctor for further treatment, wear a mask and avoid traveling by public transportation. Do social distancing and always apply a healthy lifestyle.

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