Sore Throat And Difficulty Swallowing Whether Covid-19 Virus Infection?

Illustration of Sore Throat And Difficulty Swallowing Whether Covid-19 Virus Infection?
Illustration: Sore Throat And Difficulty Swallowing Whether Covid-19 Virus Infection?

I have a sore throat that makes swallowing difficult … but I have a history of covid 19

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Hi Aria, thanks for the question.

Pain in the throat usually results from inflammation in the throat. These complaints can be followed by other complaints such as fever, nasal congestion, headaches, coughing and so forth.

Several circumstances underlie the occurrence of these complaints, including:

 Bacterial infections such as group A streptococci, H. Influenza Viral infections, such as adenoviruses, rhinovirus Allergy irritation, cigarette smoke, dust, air force malignancies, such as nasopharyngeal cancer To determine the exact cause, a medical interview, a complete physical examination must be carried out, and relevant investigations such as blood tests, throat swabs, and so on. That way the handling will be more directed if the exact cause is known.

Regarding the questions above, maybe what you mean is whether you might have Corona infection or not. To answer it, of course you can't just look at the complaint. Need further examination. Therefore, immediately see a doctor if the complaint does not improve within 3 days with treatment at home. To prevent being infected with Corona, you can do this while maintaining a healthy lifestyle, regularly washing your hands, and wearing a mask if you experience symptoms such as fever, coughing, etc. For now avoiding crowds and traveling outside the region or abroad can help cut the spread of this virus. To add your information about the Corona virus, you can read here.

Right now what you can do is:

 Avoid oily and overly spicy foods Nutritious and balanced diet Drink plenty of warm water Avoid exposure to cigarettes Paracetamol can be chosen to relieve your sore throat.

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