Sore Throat And Fever?

Illustration of Sore Throat And Fever?
Illustration: Sore Throat And Fever?

Hello, doctor. I have been staying at home during the plague. My throat suddenly felt sick even though yesterday it showed no symptoms at all. I find it difficult when eating and drinking, my body is weak, and my body temperature goes up and down. I am afraid that if I have COVID 19, in my home there are some people besides families who have been in and out of the house lately. My area is classified as an area with quite a number of positive patients. I also have no contact with them. Only my parents. What should I do, I’m afraid to see a doctor because of this condition because the examination must be done at the hospital. Thank you very much.

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Hello Anya,

Thank you for the question.

Sore throat that makes it difficult to eat and drink, weakness, and fever up and down can indeed be part of the symptoms of COVID-19. Referring to the current condition, where the number of sufferers is increasing, then indeed vigilance needs to be increased. So far, you should be aware of contracting COVID-19 and it is advisable to see a doctor if in the last 2 weeks you have found the following conditions:

You or the person you are living with has been in contact with a COVID-19 sufferer
You or the person living with you has traveled or has contact with someone who has traveled to an area with local transmission COVID-19

Without checking directly, it is indeed difficult to ascertain whether your condition is indeed related to COVID-19 or not. Because, in addition to COVID-19, there are many other conditions whose symptoms can be similar to yours, for example viral or other bacterial infections, gastric acid reflux, benign or malignant tumors around the throat, allergies or irritations in the throat, immune disorders, etc.

Our advice, if you feel you do not have COVID-19 risk factors as mentioned above, then don't panic. Resolve your complaint first by:

First isolate yourself, don't leave the house unless it's an emergency, don't also randomly shake hands or exchange personal items with other people
Drink more warm water, don't eat and drink oily, spicy, and cold drinks
Don't eat too late
Sleep 6-9 hours every day
Regularly exercise, at least 30 minutes a day
Do not smoke
Take paracetamol so that the pain in your throat subsides

If with the above efforts your complaint does not improve, or if you appear vomiting, shortness, high fever that does not subside for 3 days, as well as other complaints that are more severe, you can check yourself to the doctor first. The doctor who examines you directly later will give you the right treatment, including deciding whether a supporting examination is needed (such as a blood test, sputum test) or referred to the appropriate specialist doctor (such as ENT doctor or internist).

Hope this helps ...

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