Sore Throat Does Not Go Away?

Illustration of Sore Throat Does Not Go Away?
Illustration: Sore Throat Does Not Go Away?

Night u003cbr / u003e I want to ask, my throat hurts, is dry, hurts when I swallow, sometimes I have fever, stomach nausea, my body feels weak, my joints ache and sometimes I eat cold dizzy head, especially when eating fatty, that’s why, I have Inflammation of the tonsils and have often went to the doctor, healthy again in a few days to recur. U003cbr / u003e Please advise? u003cbr / u003eThanks

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Hello Junaedi, thank you for asking at

Inflammation in the tonsils can indeed occur repeatedly and if it continues to occur it is generally chronic (long) and generally requires further attention. However, complaints that you are experiencing right now may not be caused by inflammation of your tonsils but can also be caused by:

Sore throat
Unspecified viral infection
Peritonsil abscess

Therefore, it is highly recommended to check your current complaint to the ENT specialist to do an evaluation directly on the throat, surrounding organs and also other channels that are also associated with the throat, so it can be determined what is the cause of your current complaint and also what therapy that should be given / done for you.

In addition to seeing a doctor, you are also advised to:

Avoid things that you feel can trigger or aggravate your complaints wherever possible
Avoid the consumption of foods / drinks that are hard, sour, spicy, high in fat, or contain ice for a while
Increase your water intake to at least 2 liters a day
Increase consumption of vegetables and fruit
Avoid cigarettes and alcoholic drinks
Keep your rest of sufficient quality and minimum for 6-8 hours a day
Exercise regularly for at least 30 minutes every day
Avoid stress wherever possible
Use a mask for a while to prevent transmission from and to others
Avoid sharing your food / drinks and personal equipment with others (especially those affected by saliva)
Avoiding the consumption of drugs without clear advice from a doctor

I hope this helps.

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