Sore Throat Like Something Is Stuck And Speech Becomes Unclear?

Illustration of Sore Throat Like Something Is Stuck And Speech Becomes Unclear?
Illustration: Sore Throat Like Something Is Stuck And Speech Becomes Unclear? Bing

Good evening doctor, please help. My father has been sick for more than 1 month, at first his throat hurt as if he could stand it if he swallowed food or drink, his speech was also unclear, his tongue felt thick and he couldn’t speak well. Then when I drink the water comes out through the nose and only a little is swallowed, I have been to the health center for checks 3 times but the doctor just gave me medicine but the result is nothing. However, my father asked to be taken to an ENT doctor, while the general practitioner at the puskesmas did not give referrals or advice to expert doctors. Please doctor’s solution, thank you from Bulukumba Makassar

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Hi Widya, Thank you for your question on

Dysphagia or difficulty swallowing is a condition of difficulty moving food from the mouth to the stomach. dysphagia or difficulty swallowing accompanied by thick tongue so that speech is not clear, the possible cause is a stroke. Stroke is a condition of disrupted blood flow to the brain caused by blockage of blood vessels or rupture of blood vessels, stroke causes symptoms of weakness of the limbs on one side or both, also accompanied by symptoms of difficulty swallowing, and difficulty speaking, speech becomes slurred or slurred. But the symptoms experienced by your father could also be other possibilities, namely:

Nasopharyngeal cancer is a condition where there is a malignant tumor in the nasopharynx, namely the back of the nose in the back of the throat, usually causing symptoms of pain swallowing, difficulty speaking or hoarseness, facial pain or numbness, bleeding from the nose.
Brain tumor is a condition in which abnormal cells grow in the brain or around brain tissue. Symptoms that are often caused are headaches, limb weakness.
Tetanus, a muscle spasm that occurs from the jaw and neck, is caused by the bacterium Clostridium tetani that enters through a dirty wound, causing stiff neck muscles causing difficulty swallowing and speaking, abdominal muscle stiffness and causing seizures.
Diphtheria, is a bacterial infection of Corynebacterium diptheriae in the throat and nose, causing symptoms of difficulty swallowing and shortness of breath
Spinal cord disorders
Parkinson's is a central nervous system disorder that affects movement, often accompanied by tremors.

It is better to check your father's condition to a neurologist first, so that a physical examination, and support such as blood tests, and CT, head scans or MRIs are carried out. If the results show a sore throat, the neurologist will consult your father with an ENT specialist.

Some things to do at home

Consume soft or slightly liquid foods

Thank you, hopefully useful. dr.Nurmarwiyah

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