Sore Throat When Breathing And Coughing?

Illustration of Sore Throat When Breathing And Coughing?
Illustration: Sore Throat When Breathing And Coughing?

Hello, I want to ask. Lately, when I breathe, my throat aches and coughs, and this is only felt when breathing when closing (trying to sleep). I wonder why? Thank you

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Hello. Good afternoon. Thank you for asking

Related complaints that are felt should be conveyed and note the following points

- whether coughing out phlegm if yes what color
- whether accompanied by a feeling of tightness or chest felt crushed
- Are there other symptoms such as fever or runny nose?
- whether there is a history of smoking or prolonged exposure to smoke
- is there a history of allergies

some things that might be the cause is

- respiratory inflammation / bronchitis
- increase with stomach / GERD
- asthma

Bronchitis is inflammation that occurs in the main respiratory tract or bronchi. Symptoms of bronchitis are coughing, which can be accompanied by shortness of breath and sore throat. In severe cases, coughing can cause chest pain and even loss of consciousness. Bronchitis is caused by a viral infection, and is more prone to attack smokers and people with weak immune systems.

An increase in stomach acid (GERD) is a condition of symptoms of pain in the upper abdomen and feels spread to the chest associated with increased acid. This causes the back of the mouth to feel bitter. Gastric acid that rises up to the mouth area will irritate the lining in the mouth, causing pain to swallow.

Asthma is a type of long-term or chronic illness in the respiratory tract that is characterized by inflammation and narrowing of the airways that causes shortness or difficulty breathing. In addition to difficulty breathing, asthma sufferers can also experience other symptoms such as chest pain, coughing, and wheezing. Asthma can be suffered by all age groups, both young and old.

While at home can avoid complaints that can be felt helped by avoiding things that trigger

- Avoid excessive exposure to cigarettes or smoke
- use a mask if air pollution cannot be avoided
- Avoid foods that are too spicy or sour, alcoholic drinks
- avoid being late to eat and applying a regular and healthy diet.
- Exercise regularly
- Eat slowly don't rush and do a good chew 15-30 times for chewing.

But it would be better especially if the symptoms persist brought to consult with a specialist lung so that it can be known with certainty the cause of these symptoms by physical examination by a doctor and supporting examinations such as laboratory or imaging.

So that we can say hopefully useful thanks

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