Sore Throat When Breathing Through The Mouth?

Illustration of Sore Throat When Breathing Through The Mouth?
Illustration: Sore Throat When Breathing Through The Mouth?

Doctor u003cbr u003I just got sick, while smoking … I took a breath from my mouth while looking up and suddenly my throat felt sore like there was a wound in it .. u003 why do i get throat cancer huh?

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From the information you have conveyed, a sore throat when smoking a cigarette may be caused by inflammation in your throat. The irritant nature of cigarette smoke when it enters human respiration will cause an inflamed airway to feel irritation due to the nature of the cigarette smoke you inhale. Therefore, if your throat is uncomfortable or feels sore, you should first stop your smoking habit. This is necessary to provide an opportunity for your airway to heal and avoid the risk of injury to your airway.

Some of the conditions below can trigger inflammation of the throat, such as:

1. physical exhaustion or lack of sleep

2. contracted from other patients

3. cigarettes and alcohol

4. gastric disorders

5. allergies

6. certain disease infections, such as viral infections

If this complaint starts to bother you, you should consult your family doctor for examination and evaluation. The doctor will confirm your health condition and know the condition of your depression. Blood tests may be needed to determine your current condition, especially if your physical condition deteriorates.

Treatment will be given according to the results obtained.

All you need to do is get enough rest, get enough water, and avoid smoking.

That is the information we can convey, read also sore-throat.


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