Sore Throat When Eating?

Illustration of Sore Throat When Eating?
Illustration: Sore Throat When Eating?

good morning my throat doctor hurts while eating, his features are similar to strep throat. what antibiotics are suitable for consumption?

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Hello Sudarmin, thank you for asking

Let me introduce myself that Rio will try to answer your question.

Pain or pain in the throat especially when eating is one of the signs and symptoms of inflammation of the throat. But with that complaint alone is still not specific enough to establish a diagnosis. Based on your complaint, there are several diagnoses of the disease that lead to your complaint as follows:

 Tonsillitis pharyngitis Tonsillopharyngitis Laryngitis, etc. The disease above has the same signs and symptoms as you experience. But the difference is the cause and location of inflammation. Therefore, to make sure you experience inflammation, you should consult a doctor to conduct a detailed interview of your complaint and a physical examination is done directly to you. Because the treatment given should be based on a doctor's diagnosis, especially in the use of antibiotics.

Random use of antibiotics without a prescription or doctor's direction can cause immunity in the patient's body against the antibiotic itself. So now what you can do is:

 Maintain a regular and nutritious diet, avoid fried foods, fatty and spicy. Reduce consumption of cold, alcoholic, fizzy and caffeinated beverages. Avoid / stop smoking. Consumption of vitamins and mild painkillers that are sold freely in pharmacies. Consult a doctor if complaints continue and are increasingly burdensome to get more appropriate treatment. That's all the answers I can give.

Thank you :)

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