Sore Throat When Swallowing

Illustration of Sore Throat When Swallowing
Illustration: Sore Throat When Swallowing

Hello, I want to ask … I’ve been in the throat for 3 days when I swallowed, it really hurts. Starting from the gum on the back of the left side that hurts, like someone wants to grow, people say it’s a sign that the growth of the body will stop, so I let it. Then the next day when I woke up in the morning my throat also ached accompanied by dizziness. But the pain is only on the left like there is a lump in my throat, eating / when swallowing saliva so it is very uncomfortable because it is very painful. Even though I press the cheek on my left side, it doesn’t hurt like an indication of a toothache, when I press my left throat like a lump. The point starts from back pain gum … I guess if I go to the pharmacy, what medicine I ask? Or if you have to see a doctor directly, what part of the doctor? Thank you

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Hello, thank you for asking

Sore throat occurs not only because of strep throat, but also is a symptom of several other possible diseases. Pain that leads to discomfort, sharp pain, a sense of prop, feels like someone is pressing, causing a sensation like burning. The following are some of the causes of the appearance of sore throat when swallowing:

Sore throat (pharyngitis). This inflammation of the throat can be caused by bacteria or viruses. These bacteria and viruses will cause inflammation or irritation in the throat, also marked by swollen lymph nodes around the neck, besides the throat and tonsils look red with fever.
Inflammation of the tonsils (tonsillitis). Tonsils are glands that are behind the throat, amounting to 2 on the left and right of the throat. Inflammation of the tonsils is generally caused by bacteria, although sometimes it can be caused by a virus. The symptoms are almost similar to ordinary inflamed inflammation, but inflammation of the tonsils is marked by swollen, red, tonsillitis, sometimes accompanied by white patches. If tonsillitis is not treated properly, it can cause more serious complications.

Treatment for sore throat must be done properly. When caused by a virus, the symptoms can heal by themselves. However, if caused by bakeri, then you need to see a doctor, both general practitioners and ENT doctors can provide appropriate treatment for sore throats. If you have previously traveled to the area affected by local transmission COVID-19, then you must be independent isolation at home in order to restore your immune system and recover the symptoms that you feel.

The following article may help you and can add references to sore throats. Click here and here. I hope this helps.


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