Sores Like Craters On The Penis Accompanied By Itching?

Illustration of Sores Like Craters On The Penis Accompanied By Itching?
Illustration: Sores Like Craters On The Penis Accompanied By Itching? Bing

evening , I want to ask . I am 23 years old. before almost having sex. but when I apologize ( put it in miss V) . I immediately took it out again. and at that time did not use a condom . It was the 20th of the 5th month of 2017. But it was only the 1st month of 2018. in the area of ​​my penis appears a crater-like wound. no pain, no itching. it doesn’t hurt when you pee. but the itching is in my testicle area and in the pubic hair area. is it a symptom of syphilis? because what I read about the symptoms of syphilis is that there is a strange discharge “from the penis and it hurts when you pee. Please answer. Thank you.

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Hello Ardit,

Complaints of sores in the penile area can indeed be caused by syphilis. Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease with symptoms of painless sores, often appearing within 1090 days after exposure, the sores will heal within 3-6 weeks. When the wound has healed but the bacteria are still in the body or if proper treatment is not given, secondary syphilis can occur, where there is a rash on the body accompanied by flu-like symptoms that can appear and disappear within a few months. If left untreated, latent syphilis can develop where there are no symptoms and can last for several years. Then there is tertiary syphilis which is dangerous and can cause death. About 30% of people with syphilis have tertiary syphilis. The examinations carried out are blood tests, wound fluid tests, and penile fluid tests if any. Syphilis treatment is with antibiotics.

But apart from syphilis, sores on the penis can also be caused by other things, such as:

Ulcer mole Genital herpes Lymphogranuloma venereum Eczema Irritation and allergy to materials that come into contact with the penis such as condoms, soap, detergent Scabies Insect bites To determine the cause of your complaint, you should immediately consult a doctor so that further examination can be carried out if necessary blood tests, wound fluid test, and penile fluid test if available. Furthermore, if the doctor has determined the cause, the doctor can give the right treatment for you.

Some tips that can be done:

Keep the penis clean Avoid casual sex Use comfortable and not tight underwear Change underwear every day Postpone sex until completion of treatment or use condoms If it is caused by sexually transmitted diseases including syphilis, you should check your partner to the doctor as well The following articles are related with the topic of your question:


Thanks and hope it helps,

dr. Devika Y

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