Sores Like Thrush In The Vagina Feel Painful And Lumps In The Neck?

Illustration of Sores Like Thrush In The Vagina Feel Painful And Lumps In The Neck?
Illustration: Sores Like Thrush In The Vagina Feel Painful And Lumps In The Neck?

can herper’s disease be cured? I was 20 years old but I still didn’t. There were wounds like thrush outside my vagina, the pain appeared when I woke up TDR in the morning and had a lump in my neck, had been treated twice, at the beginning I was treated he said inflammation had been no change in 3 days and I LG treatment said herper, can this disease be cured? I urinate when it hurts so much, can you give me some advice?

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Hi Wulan,

Thank you for asking

Need to clarify, what do you mean Herpes (not herper)?

Sores resembling canker sores on the outside of the vagina that are painful, especially when urinating, can indeed be caused by Herpes. There are 2 types of herpes, but the one that infects the vagina more often is genital herpes. This disease is caused by a Herpes simplex virus infection which can be transmitted mainly through unhealthy sexual contact, for example if you have had sexual intercourse by changing partners or having sexual relations with a partner whose sexual history is unknown without using safety.

Symptoms of genital herpes can be observed from the emergence of open sores that appear reddish, can be accompanied by pain, itching, or tingling. Often, a fluid-filled blister rash which then ruptures becomes open sores. Patients can also feel pain around the genitals, which can spread to the buttocks and lower back, especially when urinating. Can also appear abnormal vaginal discharge, weakness, fatigue, fever, decreased appetite, and other flu-like symptoms. Lumps in your neck may be caused by swollen lymph nodes (lymphadenopathy), one of which can also be caused by genital herpes (although this disease more often causes swelling of lymph nodes around the groin). However, it could also, lymphadenopathy arises due to other causes, such as tuberculosis, lymphoma, cytomegalovirus, HIV, leukemia, and so on. Or, a lump in the neck may also occur due to other triggers (besides lymphadenopathy), such as skin infections, benign or malignant tumors, skin tags, and so on.

It is better if you check yourself back to the doctor or a specialist in skin and genitals if you feel you have not experienced improvement after undergoing treatment from a doctor. Some examinations, for example laboratory tests, biopsies, etc. can be done by a doctor to determine the correct treatment. This examination also needs to be done to distinguish the symptoms of genital herpes with other diseases, such as shingles, syphilis, chancroid, gonorrhea, and so on.

Here are our initial suggestions:

Stay away from risky sex (as described above) Never do any sexual intercourse, before the doctor declares you are well. Clean your genitals while bathing, after urinating, or after intercourse. Only use clean pants and underwear, be replaced thoroughly. periodically Don't give careless treatment to genital sores. Get plenty of rest, drink a lot, and live a healthy lifestyle so that endurance remains excellent --- first-rate immune system is the main key to healing due to viral infections, including the Herpes simplex virus. Don't manipulate lumps on the neck Hope it helps huh ..

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