Sores On The Feet That Itch And Discharge?

Illustration of Sores On The Feet That Itch And Discharge?
Illustration: Sores On The Feet That Itch And Discharge?

I want to ask there are wounds on my two legs and the wound was very big and itchy when I scratched out water and added to this, what was the name of the disease? And how to overcome it gi?

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Foot injuries can occur due to several things, such as trauma (due to friction or impact), from scratching, or due to several diseases. Normally, if proper and clean wound care is taken, the wound will close on its own within a few days to several weeks. However, in certain conditions healing can be hampered due to several factors, such as an infection, poor wound care, the presence of blood vessel disorders, blood clotting disorders, and others.

In general, several conditions or diseases that can cause injury to the feet include:

Mechanical trauma, such as friction with shoes, impact of feet with solid objects (table legs, beds, etc.), initially shaped boils but scraped / scratched, or due to sharp objects. Non-mechanical trauma (chemical, temperature, etc.). Some chemicals such as floor cleaners, washing soap, etc. under certain conditions can cause irritation or injury to the affected skin. Similarly, if exposed to temperatures that are too cold or too hot, can cause burn injuries, and form a bull (bumps on the skin filled with liquid) Fungal infection. In fungal infections in the skin of the feet, it almost always causes complaints of itching, especially when sweating. If left untreated and often scratched can cause injury and secondary infection. Skin abscess. In mild infections the skin can usually form ulcers or boils. However, if often scraped or scratched with dirty hands can cause further infections and form skin abscesses. Diabetic ulcer. In patients with diabetes mellitus, blood vessel disorders and nerve disorders can occur, so that it can cause injuries to the feet of patients who are often referred to as diabetic feet. In this condition, the wound will be more difficult to heal because of the combined causes of lack of nutritional supply, poor innervation, and the presence of infection. Blood clotting disorders. In certain people there is a blood clotting disorder where when a wound occurs, it will take longer to heal because the blood is difficult to clot. The things you can do right now are:

Keeping the wound clean and dry. Avoid scratching the wound. If the wound on your foot is open, you can cover it either with medication tape or with sterile gauze. If the wound on your leg is caused by nail punctures or other objects made of iron, consult a facility immediately. health Keeping your nutritional and fluid needs met If your wound has been going on for several days but has not improved (or has worsened), I suggest that you see a doctor so that you can clean the wound, and if necessary additional tests to find out the causes which is certain in your condition and given the right treatment.

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