Sores Over The Leg And Begins To Swell?

Illustration of Sores Over The Leg And Begins To Swell?
Illustration: Sores Over The Leg And Begins To Swell?

u003cspan style = “color: # 3b3738; font-family: LatoWeb, sans-serif; ” u003edok it’s been almost 1 month that I have had a sore on my leg and it is swollen and a potent drug infection for my wound, what’s the problem? I have pain in my wound when I wake up. u003c / span u003e

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The wound is getting swollen, red, painful, especially if pus or smelly discharge comes out of the wound, indicating an infection in the wound. In such cases, it is necessary to directly evaluate your wound. It is necessary to look further at the cause of the wound (whether the wound is a dirty or clean wound, whether the wound is a bite wound), how big the wound you have, how severe the infection is, and whether there are certain comorbid conditions you have (such as diabetes) .

If you do not have certain comorbid conditions and your wound is small, then usually the doctor will only give you additional antibiotic ointment to treat your wound. However, if you have a comorbid condition, the wound looks wide and deep, the wound is dirty or animal bitten, then you will need drinking antibiotic therapy in addition to treating your wound.

Because antibiotic drugs (either ointments or oral medicines) are medicines that you cannot buy freely (they must use a doctor's prescription and must be used after receiving a direct examination from a doctor), then you should check with your doctor directly.

In the meantime you can try to do the following:

Clean your wound with saline solution, do not rub it roughly. Do a compress the wound with a gauze moistened with saline (squeeze it so it doesn't drip) for 5 minutes. You can do this 3-4 times a day. If the gauze sticks when compressing the wound, moisten it with saline solution again, and carefully remove the adhesions. Dry the wound by airing it again. Wrap the wound again with sterile gauze and change the gauze if the gauze is wet or dirty. To reduce pain, you can take painkillers such as paracetamol. Make sure you wash your hands well before and after touching and treating the wound.

So much information from me, hopefully it will be enough to answer

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