Sound And Shoulder Joints Are Numb?

Illustration of Sound And Shoulder Joints Are Numb?
Illustration: Sound And Shoulder Joints Are Numb?

Good evening doctor I ask the right joint always sounds when moved and also pain. Then the right shoulder is a bit swollen and also numb. I went to the orthopedic and x-ray doctor and the doctor said there was no problem. Why?

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Hello, thanks for the question.

Joints that sound when moved can be caused by friction between joints with joint fluid or synovial fluid or due to sudden release of gas / air bubbles into joint fluid, or it could be due to uneven joint surface due to the formation of new bone (osteophytes) which is usually found in patients with osteoarthritis. Joints that ring generally do not require special treatment, except if it has caused complaints such as pain, swelling, redness, limited joint movement, changes in the shape of the joints, or to cause neurological disorders such as decreased touch or sensory functions of the body. This can be caused by inflammation, infection, etc. If an examination has been carried out by a doctor and no structural disturbance has been found in the supporting examination, it is better to continue the treatment recommended by the doctor. If the complaint does not improve or may get worse immediately consult a doctor. The doctor will do a re-examination to find out the cause of the complaint. To reduce complaints, you should rest your joints, avoid activities that put excessive strain on the joints, warm up before exercise and cool down afterwards, consume medications prescribed by your doctor as recommended, and eat healthy and nutritious foods, especially foods that contain calcium, and avoid stress, cigarettes, and alcohol.

Thus, hopefully it helps.

Greetings, Dr. Nova.

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