Spasmophilia Has Not Healed For 6 Years?

Illustration of Spasmophilia Has Not Healed For 6 Years?
Illustration: Spasmophilia Has Not Healed For 6 Years?

Good night, want to ask why spasmophilia does not heal, from my spasmophilia dah already +4, if treatment is only given pain medication, it is also just a short time later, skit again, from the tip of the head to the soles of the feet, all twitching like a needle pricked and tingling any time. Until the whole body if you push pain in the bones “.. What is the solution, I have already treated it, but like this, but I haven’t taken a doctor’s medicine for a long time, at most if the pain doesn’t persist, I only drink Profen mother. even though I often eat, drink high calcium, often exercise too. Every day, it doesn’t hurt, because I’m used to it, is there another solution? thanks.

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Hello Nurul, thank you for asking at

Spasmophilia is a condition that is characterized by muscle spasms / cramps, cramps, and twitching. usually this is related to the disruption of the balance of body salts and calcium.

the cause of disorders of body salts and calcium can vary:

Hypoalbumin hereditary factors, lack of albumin protein in the body Hypoparathyroid Disorders of metabolism / absorption of calcium Diarrhea, which causes wasting of body fluids and salt Poor eating patterns But not infrequently spasmophilia is associated with problems that originate in the mind, such as excessive anxiety or panic disorders which can then cause panic disorders. also accompanied by rapid breathing.

for temporary you can do include:

adequate and regular sleep and rest consumes a lot of water relaxes the mind from the stress of consuming high calcium foods, such as fish, eggs, milk to get the right treatment requires further examination to find out the cause of the complaint that you are experiencing, therefore it helps you to check yourself to a Neurologist

So much information from me, hopefully can help

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