Specks (like Warts) On The Genitals?

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Hello, I’m a man of 20 years. Never had sex. R nFrom me, in the small range of 10 years there have been wart-like wounds (not big and not much, only 1), which still exists today. At first, when I was a child, I had become so scabby that the scabs came off and the scars are still there today (still a nodule with a diameter of less than half a centimeter) and did not hurt at all. Am I exposed to venereal diseases such as syphilis / other diseases? R nI hope the doctor can answer my question, Thank you.

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Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease. Syphilis is transmitted through direct contact during intercourse, or through bodily fluids such as sperm or vaginal fluid. if you have never had intercourse then you do not experience syphilis.

from the situation that you experience, if there is a small wart on the penis area that does not feel painful then it can be a normal variation. sometimes the skin of the genital area may appear as a small bump and it is normal. The bump may be a hair follicle or a normal variation of the genital skin. The normal thing is not accompanied by pain and does not enlarge.

But other than that the situation that you experience can also be caused by other causes such as:

genital wart infection due to certain types of HPV inflammation of hair follicles slight irritation in the genital area irritation of the genital area can also cause the appearance of small bumps yes. The irritation is not dangerous, and is usually caused by wearing pants that are too tight or because of irritation from certain soaps.

Therefore, to ascertain the cause of your situation, you should check directly to the doctor, so that the doctor can examine your condition directly, and provide the right therapy for you.

The following article you can read about syphilis

may be useful. thank you

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