Speech And Memory Problems After Head Banging?

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Morning, I want to ask. Sunday afternoon yesterday I fell off the motorbike and suffered a collision on the head of the nose and mouth injured. After the incident I was still able to bring the motor and ordinary. But after a long time according to my friend, I spoke inconsequently and asked questions the same one over and over again so that I was piggybacking. on the way I still asked questions over and over again. According to my friend, I was invited to talk and still connected, but after that I asked and talked about it again. until finally it was midnight. I arrived at my house just normal. but I forgot about the day after I fell. I want to ask whether it should be scanned and whether it is dangerous. The next day I went to the puskesmas only to give 3 kinds of drugs amoxicilin trihydrate, paracetamol and vitamin B complek. thank you

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Hi Andre,

Thank you for asking HealthReplies.com.

Speech and memory disorders can indeed occur related to the head injury you have experienced before. Usually, this condition occurs when a head injury that you experience is moderate to severe, involving significant speed or height, which causes brain damage, for example due to ruptured blood vessels, skull fractures, and so on. Depending on how much brain damage is caused by the injury, this speech and memory disorder can be temporary, can also be permanent.

Not only because of the impact of head injury, speech and memory disorders as you experience it may also occur due to other causes, such as psychological stress (including due to fear of having suffered head injuries), hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), lack of nutrition, anemia (hemoglobin low blood pressure), other metabolic disorders, degenerative diseases (such as Alzheimer's), brain tumors, and so on.

The step you check your complaint directly to the doctor is actually right. If judging from the medical information that your doctor gives, chances are the doctor assesses there is no serious condition. You can take medication as advised by your doctor, while resting, don't go through heavy or dangerous activities alone, eat and drink regularly, stay away from cigarettes and alcohol, and avoid excessive stress, panic, or fear. Expand your brain teaser, for example by playing puzzles, crosswords, and so on. Expand also communicate with people around you, do not often be alone.

However, if after undergoing doctor handling and doing the tips above you feel your complaints are getting worse, check yourself back to the doctor or neurologist for a more in-depth evaluation huh .. The doctor who examines you directly later will determine the type of examination suitable for you, do you need a CT scan, MRI, X-ray, laboratory, brain record, and so on.

Hope this helps ...

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