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Good afternoon,. I want to ask the purpose of the explanation of the results of the HALO TEST that my husband did, what was the cause of the situation; what’s the solution? Because we haven’t had the chance to see a doctor in person. Here are the results of the HALO TEST: – Percentage of sperm with DNA fragmentation value 33% – Percentage of sperm with DNA Intact 67% Conclusion, showing DNA is NOT NORMAL, because the normal value of DNA Intact u0026gt; = 75% Thank you .. please help, good luck u0026amp; always success!

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Hello Nadarain,

Halo test is an examination of sperm cells to measure DNA fragmentation in sperm cells. This test is done as a support or improvisation of sperm quality checks. Where in normal sperm cells there is a halo or circle formed from a circle of DNA on his head that is not found in sperm cells with non-intact DNA. This examination is believed to help to determine and evaluate the quality of sperm, one of which is in patients with varicoceles or recommended for other conditions such as:

Couples with a history of recurrent abortion
Couples with a history of infertility without a known cause
Men over 40 years old
Men with a history of cancer and certain diseases such as urinary tract infections
Men in certain medications
Men who are exposed to certain substances
and others

Some things can be the cause of unfavorable results arising, ranging from smoking, stress, impaired sperm production in men, exposure to certain substances, ejaculation time before the examination where it is recommended 2-7 days before not ejaculating and others. In addition to the previous Halo examination, the doctor can perform other examinations such as testicular ultrasound, hormone examination, and also microscopic sperm analysis to assess the condition of sperm quality and find out the cause. For that reason, if you have already done a series of examinations, you should see a doctor or doctor and an expert in your husband to evaluate the conditions that arise and also explain the next steps, especially if you already want a pregnancy so that the appropriate pregnancy program steps for men and women will be determined later.

Strive to maintain health by getting enough rest, regular physical activity such as exercise, avoiding bad habits such as smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, managing stress well, and also other activities that can reduce fertility.

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