Sperm Secreted In The Wife’s Vagina?

last night I took my sperm out of my wife’s vagina because I didn’t want my wife to get pregnant so the sperm I klurarkn outside the vagina just stuck just a little in the vagina then my wife immediately washed her vagina, so whether the sperm had entered and was processing or whether It’s gone because it was washed directly after contact, thank you …

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Pregnancy occurs when sperm cells from a male successfully fertilize an egg cell from a woman, which usually occurs during a woman's fertile period. This usually happens when a man ejaculates in the vagina without using contraception. Therefore, couples can use contraception to delay pregnancy, both hormonal (pills, birth control), and non-hormonal (IUD or condom). In addition there are other methods of contraception namely interrupted intercourse, where men ejaculate outside the vagina.

This method of interrupted intercourse is an old method for delaying pregnancy. However, this method has the lowest success rate compared to other methods, because there are still chances of pregnancy even though men ejaculate outside the vagina. This is because men also have pre-ejaculatory or recuperated fluid that comes out of the penis before male ejaculation which has a component of sperm cells that can also fertilize an egg. In addition, there is also the possibility of sperm already already entering the vagina, so the possibility of pregnancy is still present.

To ensure pregnancy, you can do checks such as using a test pack that can detect pregnancy as soon as one week after conception, or usually when menstruation is too late. In addition, ultrasound can also detect pregnancy about three days before the next menstruation. You can also open this article to find out other signs of pregnancy.

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