Spermatocele In Adult Men?

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Good evening doctor, I want to ask, around 2011 I had a spermatikel surgery at 41 years old. After surgery, sometimes it still feels painful and swollen, though not too severe, on the left side. But at the age of 49, around this month, I felt sick and the pain felt even more. Especially if used for long standing and tiring work. After the operation, almost 8 years have passed and until now I have never been in control of a doctor anymore, for fear of surgery. And I only consume drug pharmacies. My questions: 1. Why does my spermatocele recur? 2. What patent medicine can cure my spermatocele completely without surgery? Thank you for the availability of doctors …

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Hello! Thank you for the question on HealthReplies.com

Spermatocele is a bag filled with cement that is in the cement channel (on the top or side of the testicles). In the surgical procedure, of course there are certain body tissues such as skin, muscles, etc., which experience injury. In this injury, sometimes there are some tissue changes that may be healing or function cannot be 100% back to the original. Thus, surgical wound pain can sometimes still be felt, although the intensity and frequency is very minimal. If it doesn't interfere with daily life, this is actually nothing to worry about.

Aside from the former surgery, pain in the testicular area can also be caused by:

Inflammation of the testicles
Twisted testicles
Inflammation of the cement ducts
Excessive liquid in the testicles bag so that the testicles are pressed
Collision / trauma of testicles
Testicular malignancy
If the pain is felt to be disturbing, with severe frequency and / or intensity, to ascertain the cause of the condition, you should consult a general practitioner first so that further physical examination can be done. If you feel the need for further tracking, the doctor will conduct a supporting examination or refer you to a particular specialist according to suspicion of the condition.

As for what you should do is:

Limit physical activity
Sit in a donut-shaped cushion to reduce pressure on your testicles so that it will reduce pain
Don't press the testicles
If the pain is very disturbing, you can take anti-pain medications that are sold freely at pharmacies such as paracetamol

That's all the explanation from me, hopefully it helps and useful :)

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