Spices That Can Be Used To Treat Pain Due To Arthritis?

Illustration of Spices That Can Be Used To Treat Pain Due To Arthritis?
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Hello. Does drinking decoction of ginger, bay leaves and lemongrass can effectively reduce arthritis pain?

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Hello Christina, thank you for asking HealthReplies.com.

Let me introduce myself, Dr. Rio will try to answer your question.

Arthritis can be caused by various diseases. Many factors can also affect inflammation in the joint. The most common joint problem is the knee joint, because it is located as one of the main backers of the upper body so that the workload is often excessive than other joints.

Some diseases with complaints of pain / arthritis namely

 Gout Arthritis. Osteo Arthritis. Rheumatoid Arthritis. Actually there are many other disorders that can be mentioned, but the three disorders above are disorders that are very often encountered in daily practice. All three have similar symptoms but have differences from the causes. In gout arthritis joint pain is caused by a buildup of uric acid levels. Joints that are usually attacked are small joints such as the thumb or fingers. Osteoarthritis pain is caused by the aging process in the bones / joints (loss, calcification, lack of joint lubricating fluid. The older the age the more likely it is to develop this disease. And in rheumatoid arthritis joint pain is caused by the body's immune system misidentifying itself (auto immune).

Treatment of each disease apart from providing pain medication, medication is also given to deal with the underlying disease. Regarding the decoction of ginger, bay leaves, lemongrass which incidentally is an herbal concoction there is no literature / research that discusses the problem, but in the way the herb has anti-pain effects and some positive effects for the body. But remember these herbs do not cure but to relieve symptoms that occur. But I still recommend using both of these therapies. What makes confusion about herbs is that they will be effective against changes in the body at how much dosage, and how to process these herbs. So that we will not know in the dosage these herbs can have an effect on the human body.

What you can do now is:

 Get enough rest and maintain a healthy eating pattern. Doing exercise regularly. Maintain posture when sitting or standing. Avoid overweight, because it will aggravate the joint work. Herbal ingredients can be consumed because most natural ingredients are safe for the body. Consumption of drugs does not coincide with herbal ingredients because they might affect the action of drugs. Consult your doctor if complaints persist and get worse. So many answers from me, hopefully answering.

Thank you :)

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