Spinal And Leg Pain Stiff After A Cesarean Section?

Illustration of Spinal And Leg Pain Stiff After A Cesarean Section?
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Why yes my mother after giving birth to cesarean many complaints .. every morning after waking up his spine hurts .. then his legs feel stiff .. is that the effect of the anesthetic or why yes .. please explain?

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Good evening, thanks for asking at HealthReplies.com. Complaints of pain in the spine and legs feel stiff, can occur due to various things, both related to anesthesia or not. When related, it is more the procedure, and not the anesthetic, because naturally the drug makes numbness, not just pain. However, the procedure requires that your mother be injected with her spine in order to enter the anesthetic, and this may cause pain. Even so, this complaint should improve in a few days.

Another possibility that is not related to anesthesia is if the baby is large enough or more than one, his posture must change, his spine will certainly be more bent to maintain balance when standing and walking. This can cause injury and pain to the muscles and bones. This condition has actually begun to be experienced in the final weeks of pregnancy, but it does not rule out your mother just feel it now, after your sister is born and he feels calmer.

Another possibility could be due to too long bed rest or bed rest, so that the muscles and joints become stiff. This can be treated by stretching or light exercise little by little, to restore muscle flexibility.

However, your mother's condition cannot be ascertained if not followed by a direct examination covering all health information and pregnancy so far, and physical examination or maybe support. Therefore, if this condition has lasted more than a week, you should advise your mother to check her condition to the obstetrician who previously treated her, to see if there is a link between the process of pregnancy and childbirth with the complaints that she is experiencing now. If the obstetrician states there is no connection, ask where your mother should do the next examination from the results of his observations. The treatment your mother will receive will be determined later.

Meanwhile, what can be done is to warmly compress the painful part, take painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs that are sold freely by reading the rules of use listed or enough given by the obstetrician if they are still there, multiply the consumption of water, not doing heavy activities first and more prioritize light sports activities such as gymnastics and stretching. So, hopefully answering your question.

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