Spinal Pain With Nausea?

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Good night, it’s been a long time since I felt pain in my spine gradually and accompanied by nausea. What is also included as a symptom of bone cancer. Thank you

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Pain in the spine can be caused by various causes. Not all pain in the spine is caused by bone cancer.

Bone cancer consists of various types. The term bone cancer usually indicates malignancy. Bone cancer can occur in various bones in the body. Bone cancer has risk factors, for example, it is more common in bones that are often traumatized for long periods of time. Bone cancer can cause symptoms such as extreme pain, bone changes, swelling, and weight loss.

From the situation that you are experiencing, pain in the spine that has occurred in a long time can be caused due to several causes such as:

Vitamin D deficiency scoliosis / spinal cord tilting to one side of the tense lumbar muscles osteoarthritis bone infection neck region of the tumor One of the causes that quite often causes pain in the bones (including the spine) is due to deficiency of vitamin D and calcium. This can happen to everyone, young or old. This deficiency can be caused by lack of food intake that is high in vitamin D, or lack of exposure to morning sun. Lack of vitamin D can cause pain in the bones, rheumatic pain.

In addition, spinal cord clamps can also cause continuous pain and can be accompanied by nausea.

Therefore, to ascertain the cause of the situation that you are experiencing, you should check yourself directly to the doctor so that the doctor can examine your condition directly, maybe later will be carried out additional tests such as blood and X-ray examination if it is deemed necessary.

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