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I am a 23-year-old male, I want to ask about the condition of my neck, I have felt heavy for 2 years when I looked down, facing up and if I look left and right there is a small snapping sound “, my x-ray results such as: r nstruktur normal bone trabeculae r nAlignment V normal cervical r nNo appearance of a fracture or compress vertebrae. Cervical r nOsteophytes (+) in the anterior c6 r nInterverted disc.Not narrow r nImpression: cervical spinal c6 anterior. My doctor said I was calcified, but the disc did not narrow Anterior (front) but felt bent on me … Am I up to hnp? How can I recover, because I just graduated and wanted to work … Please the solution …

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Cervical spondylosis or spondylosis of the neck is degeneration or aging of the spine (vertebrae) and the cushion between the spine (intervertebral discs) in the neck region. This degeneration normally occurs in old age, usually starting when age 30 years. In this degeneration, the edges of the spine form small, rough areas of bone called osteophytes. In addition, as time passes, cushioning between bones will also thin out. Often this does not cause symptoms in the patient, but sometimes the patient feels symptoms of pain in the neck if the changes in the spine irritate the muscles, ligaments, or nerves around it. Pain in the neck can spread to the shoulders and base of the head. Pain usually feels heavy when the neck is moved. If pain radiates to the arms and hands or fingers, there may be irritation of the nerves in the spinal cord.

HNP or herniated nucleus pulposus is a different disease from spondylosis. In HNP, the intervertebral pads or discs are out of position and compress the nerves in the spinal cord. As a result, patients will feel pain, tingling, and weakness in the arm or leg. HNP occurs due to intervertebral disc rupture and often occurs in people who like to lift their weight the wrong way. Patients with HNP usually complain of pain in the lower back. In contrast to cervical spondylosis, HNP usually occurs in the lumbar spine or lumbar region.

Pain in spondylosis usually comes and goes away on its own even though there are some people experiencing continuous pain. If your nerves are still good, you can reduce the pain by doing exercises on the neck and staying active. Try to keep your neck moving as normal as possible. If the pain is very severe, you may stop and rest for a day. Try to re-train your neck once the pain is reduced. Gradually increase the movement of your neck slowly. Do this exercise several times a day. Limiting neck movements will only make spondylosis worse. Your doctor will usually give pain medication for you. Use painkillers if you are not strong with the pain you feel. If you have tried exercising yourself at home for about a week but the symptoms have not diminished, you should do physiotherapy. Discuss with your doctor about this. The physiotherapist will help you relieve pain and suggest various exercises that you can do at home. In addition, pay attention to your daily posture. Your sitting position when working should not be too bent. Sit in an upright and good position. When sleeping, use a pillow that can support the head properly. Avoid using pillows that are too high (use 1 pillow only). With physiotherapy and good posture changes, you should be able to work like everyone else.

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