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Good morning. I want to ask … My mother’s bones in the back of my hips were aching in pain while moving and now I can’t stand up after falling in the bathroom. And I brought it to the doctor to get an X-ray and the result was a fractured / broken bone he said had to be operated on. Now, I want to ask, can my mother be without surgery? dng other ways such as therapy or massage a chiropractor to recover again without having to have surgery? And want to ask also painkillers so that my mother was not in pain when she wanted to be moved to move, it was very painful, could not do anything just stay in bed. Please help on bls … Thank you

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Hello Ahmad,

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Pain in the spine can be caused by various things such as trauma, bodily deformities, spinal deformities, to inflammation of the nerves in the spine.

With a direct physical examination and supported by additional examinations such as spinal X-rays, the exact cause of the complaint can be determined.

With increasing age bone density will also decrease so that when there is trauma such as falling the possibility for cracks or fractures will be greater. Non-surgical treatment is only limited to deal with symptoms that arise such as pain, so in this case definitive therapy is recommended by surgery. It is not recommended to massage the fractured bone, therefore the treatment must be left to the expert, the orthopedic specialist. To overcome the pain experienced can be used paracetamol according to the dose listed on the packaging. If the complaint continues, return to your doctor immediately for further treatment. Currently limit your mother's movements and increase rest and consume healthy, nutritious foods.

Thank you, hope that helps.

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