Spit Up On Infants Aged 12 Days?

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Tonight, I have a 12 day old baby. At the moment my baby has 11 bilirubin and it is recommended to be breastfed every 2 or 3 hours. But every evening until dawn when it is given breast milk likes to spit up constantly (it seems like fullness) it comes out of the nose. Want to sendawain also hard not to leave. Are there other ways to provide breast milk so that the baby does not spit up?

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Spit up is the occurrence of a baby passing milk from the stomach until it comes out through the oral cavity. Normal spit up experienced by infants, especially newborns, and this spit can occur until the baby is 5 months old. According to the baby's age, the incidence of spit up will be even less than usual.
Spit occurs when the baby feeds satiety. Where when the baby's stomach is fully filled, part of it can easily get out of the stomach into the esophagus until it reaches the oral cavity to be removed. This incident is called medical reflux in medical language. In infants, this is easy because the sphincter (valve) that is between the stomach and esophagus (which serves to prevent food that has reached the stomach rising back into the esophagus) has not developed and has not been able to function perfectly. Later, when the baby is 5 months old, the sphincter will be able to function perfectly.
The mother does not need to worry as long as spit out is not more than about 2 tablespoons, the color is exactly like breast milk or what she just ate (not bloody, not yellow and not green), no visible enlargement in the baby's stomach, BAB baby smoothly with color yellow gold (indicating the baby's nutritional needs are met, if the green color indicates not met), the baby is not fussy and does not look sick and the baby's weight gain on the green line according to the chart on the card to health. If the opposite occurs from the signs above, bring the baby to consult with a pediatrician yes ma'am.
To reduce the likelihood of spitting up in infants, feed the baby in a head position slightly higher than the stomach. Don't use baby octopus or anything else that presses on the baby's stomach and chest. After breastfeeding, hold the baby upright by leaning on the mother's shoulder for about 30 minutes.
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