Spots After Curettage?

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On December 29, I did a curettage and the puerperium was more than 3 weeks old and after stopping for 2-3 weeks I had a few more spots and until now I haven’t had my first period, is that normal? Can I get pregnant again before my first period? Because I don’t plan on getting pregnant in the near future and lately I’ve been having nausea and headaches and body aches, what’s that got to do with it?

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From the information you have conveyed, complaints of nausea and headaches after the postpartum period are completed accompanied by spots need to be checked directly by your obstetrician.

The postpartum period can occur between 1-3 weeks and the possibility of menstruation can follow the postpartum period. If you have a history of having sex after the puerperium, it is necessary to carry out further examinations regarding these complaints, although these complaints are not a definite sign of pregnancy, the possibility of pregnancy still needs to be confirmed directly by your obstetrician. In addition, you can plan a peck test before consulting your doctor, especially if you haven't had your period until this month.

Several other conditions, can also cause the complaints you feel, such as:

1. Disturbance of female hormonal balance, thus disrupting the menstrual cycle

2. Possible pregnancy

3. physical fatigue

4. Brain stimulation disorders of female hormones

5. stress or anxiety

A direct examination by a doctor will help you determine the cause of this complaint, especially if you haven't had your period this month. The doctor will perform a physical examination and plan necessary investigations, such as blood tests and ultrasound.

Treatment and treatment will be provided by your doctor according to the results of the examination obtained.

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