Spots After Curette?

Illustration of Spots After Curette?
Illustration: Spots After Curette?

Hello, doctor about 20 days ago I stated that I had to do a curettage in my first pregnancy because the fetus was not developing, it should have been 15 weeks, but the last fetus was 11 weeks. So it was difficult for me to lose the fetus a month ago without any bleeding symptoms or spots. n 2 days after the curettage, the blood came out brown and smell rotten, even though I had already drunk ab amox. 5 days post curette I was controlled and given ab cefspam for 7 days. Now, 18 days after the curette, there are still brown spots and still smells bad but not as good as before. I don’t have fever or stomach pain at this time. nIs my condition normal? How to deal with it because I become uncomfortable? NAnd I feel my stomach is still a little bulging like I was pregnant then. Is that okay? n nTks.

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Out of brown spots after curette

Brown spots after a miscarriage

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