Spots Appear Around The Eye Area?

Illustration of Spots Appear Around The Eye Area?
Illustration: Spots Appear Around The Eye Area?

Hello …. I’m asking yes, my left eye in the muscle section is like that point, huh … It used to be like a point a year later, lm. ” there is … Is it because I play too much cellphone huh … Please help with the medicine … thank you

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Hello EnyLopee,

Thank you for the question.

Need to be clarified, where is the exact location of the point? Is the corner of the eye in the middle, edge, or outside the eyes? What is the color of the dots like? Is it getting bigger? Are there other complaints that accompany it?

The habit of playing mobile phones when done properly should not cause the appearance of dots in the eyes as you worry. Most likely, the point that appears in your eye may be caused by pinguecula, moles, complexion associated melanosis, primary acquired melanosis, conjunctivitis, malignant melanoma, pterygium, corneal ulcer, and so on.

Unfortunately, you did not explain exactly what the characteristics of the point are, so it is also difficult for us to identify possible causes, as well as the right treatment to overcome them.

Our advice, so that your condition is handled properly, check yourself directly to a doctor or ophthalmologist. Before being treated by a doctor, avoid manipulating points that appear excessively, whether it's picking them out, squeezing, or giving careless handling. If these points make you uncomfortable, you can first drop artificial tears so that your eyes feel more comfortable.

Hope this helps ...

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