Spots During Pregnancy.?

Illustration of Spots During Pregnancy.?
Illustration: Spots During Pregnancy.?

Mlm … I want to ask you about spots during pregnancy. I last menstruation on the 12th of February in March I did not come and I tested positive in the midwife … I was able to get my doctor to make sure my pregnancy was ending on the 23rd of my ultrasound not visible. I was told to check again on Sunday 4 months ago … suddenly the beginning of this month I was specked … I checked the nearest doctor bliu said my biological bag was good and had to be curetted … in that moment I was shocked and finally I was midwife according to the midwife The ultrasound hasn’t been seen yet … and the midwife asked me to wait … until the guarantee is seen … according to how …

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Bleeding that occurs in the form of blood spots or powder when you are young or less than 20 weeks pregnant can indicate a disruption or threat of pregnancy such as miscarriage or in medicine called abortion. The cause of miscarriage varies greatly in each person, for example due to illnesses suffered by pregnant women or due to the fetus not developing normally.

If bleeding or spots appear when you are pregnant, then the likely cause is abortion. Abortion itself is divided into several namely:

Abortion iminens, this condition is a threat of miscarriage. not yet miscarried but the mother is in danger of miscarriage, usually the mother will be advised to bed rest completely, and giving medicines to maintain the womb. In this condition the fetus can still be saved Abortion insipien which is an unavoidable miscarriage which is characterized by blood coming out of the birth canal in the form of spots, and is also accompanied by a complete abortion opening of the cervix, a miscarriage accompanied by spontaneous fetal exit, said to be complete larena whole part of the fetus has come out through the birth canal Abortus incomplete, spontaneous exit of the fetus, but the fetal tissue that comes out only partially, some are still left in the cage. Usually in this condition treatment needs to be done in the form of drugs or action in the form of a curette to clean the remaining tissue in the uterus More articles on: Signs of Miscarriage
But before determining whether you have a miscarriage, it is necessary to make sure whether you are in pregnancy or not. Because the emergence of bleeding in women who are pregnant or who are not pregnant is caused by different conditions.

Pregnancy itself is marked by menstruation and because of hormonal factors during pregnancy women will not experience menstruation. To be more certain, you can do an examination with USG. We advise you to consult a gynecologist and obstetrician who is a medical expert in their field.

In addition, it is also necessary to know that not all events of vaginal discharge during young pregnancy must be a sign of miscarriage. Normal pregnant women experience vaginal discharge from the blood 6-12 days after fertilization, which is when the fetus attaches to the uterine wall. This bleeding is called bleeding implantation. But indeed usually at this time, a woman has not yet realized that she is pregnant. Therefore, we advise you to make sure to return to the obstetrician immediately at the nearest health facility.

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