Spots Like Flesh Arising In The Neck Hurt?

Illustration of Spots Like Flesh Arising In The Neck Hurt?
Illustration: Spots Like Flesh Arising In The Neck Hurt?

Sorry, before I wanted to ask. My car had a few spots on the neck, initially there were only a few pimples, but after a while it increased by 1 or 2, and if it was touched it didn’t hurt. But, if squeezed it hurts, and it is not a boil that when squeezed pus discharge, only the usual puffs of meat arise. What could that be caused by? Is there any effect later?

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Hi Agus,

The appearance of pus-filled lumps around the neck can be caused by the following conditions:

 Acne folliculitis (pustules), especially those containing pus (pustules) Infection and inflammation of the skin due to physical trauma, insect bites, fungal infections or Impetigo virus The above conditions are generally harmless, however these conditions can greatly interfere with appearance and worsen so they should get treatment. If indeed the complaint persists, then your girlfriend should check her doctor directly to ascertain the cause of the complaint so that appropriate handling steps can be given.

The doctor will ask for a history of complaints, conduct a physical examination or supporting examination if necessary. Investigations that can be recommended by doctors are skin scrapings / tissue biopsy or bacterial resistance test. If indeed the complaint is caused by acne then the doctor can prescribe anti-acne drugs such as high doses of vitamin A, antibiotics or skin cleansers to deal with complaints.

Here's a suggestion for your girlfriend:

 Maintain general bodily hygiene Do not touch the part that is complained Avoid the use of clothes that are too tight and can irritate the skin Clean the body (bath) at least 2x a day Immediately consult a doctor if complaints persist or worsen Hopefully useful,

dr. Budiono

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