Spots “nose?

Illustration of Spots “nose?
Illustration: Spots “nose?

hello, I am lina. I have a problem around the skin on the face. so my nose and its surroundings have spots “and it’s been around ” there. how to get rid of it .. thank you

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Freckles on the face (around the nose) can indeed be aesthetic problems or they can interfere with appearance. The freckles on the face around the nose that you are talking about should need to be more clearly defined as to what they look like, whether they are prominent freckles or dark spots. Some of the possible causes that you are experiencing include:

Freckles / spots on the face, melasma, comedones, acne miliaria / prickly heat, folliculitis, irritation or allergy to the facial care products or beauty products used There are many disorders on the skin that have the same appearance, so to find out the cause of your condition, you should do a thorough examination. directly to a skin specialist. Treatment depends on the cause. For the treatment of spots on the face or melasma, you can use a concocted face cream or you can also use facial laser procedures, peels, etc. For pimples and blackheads or other causes that may also be handled differently, so the treatment should be in accordance with the results of an examination conducted by a dermatologist. Some things you need to pay attention to:

keep your face clean, diligently clean your face, recommended 2x a day, don't forget to clean your face from makeup, especially before going to bed, always use sunblock during outdoor activities, avoid eating spicy and fatty foods, consume lots of vegetables and fruit, drink lots of water at least 2 L per day, get enough rest always keep your hands clean, avoid too often touching your face or squeezing pimples, the following articles can be read about facial spots, blackheads, keep your facial skin healthy

hopefully useful, thank you

dr. Danny

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