Spots Of Vaginal Discharge Accompanied By Aches Around The Abdomen And Waist?

Illustration of Spots Of Vaginal Discharge Accompanied By Aches Around The Abdomen And Waist?
Illustration: Spots Of Vaginal Discharge Accompanied By Aches Around The Abdomen And Waist?

Hello … I ika … I got married in May 2018 … I am promil … in the past few months my period has withdrawn but 2 months has gone ahead. and I should have had my menstruation on January 11 … but on the 11th I only had spots that were as wide as a thumb on a brown color in the afternoon … after that night until the morning the 12th didn’t come out anymore … but the recruiting section from front to back to palinggang very pegel …. from this morning I went back and forth to urinate and heartburn felt like defecating …… and this afternoon on 12 the spots came out but the color was red … then I changed it …. and after that it doesn’t come out anymore. but my stomach and waist still feel hard … why is this … please enlighten me …

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Hi Ika0605,

Thank you for asking

Spotting of the birth canal accompanied by aches around the abdomen and waist can also be a normal condition during early menstrual periods. This condition occurs due to hormonal fluctuations that affect the proliferation of cells in the uterine wall (endometrium). Aches that you feel can arise from uterine muscle contractions that try to bleed menstrual blood, but ultimately cause blood vessels in the uterus to become pinched and pain arises due to uterine cells experiencing hypoxia (lack of oxygen).

In addition to regular menstruation, your complaints may also arise related to pregnancy. Although not all, some pregnant women can indeed experience implantation bleeding that resembles menstruation. This implantation hemorrhage occurs due to torn blood vessels in the uterine wall when the fertilized fetus implants itself in the uterine wall. This condition can also appear accompanied by aches around the abdomen and waist similar to menstrual pain.

Differentiating the two conditions above is only based on clinical appearance is actually not easy. Your condition that often feels heartburn and urinating frequently is not unique, referring to the signs of pregnancy. Heartburn can occur due to excessive consumption of spicy food, digestive infections, inflammation of the intestine, irritable bowel syndrome, to food poisoning. Meanwhile, frequent urination can also be caused by consuming too much caffeine, cold environmental conditions, urinary tract infections, overactive bladder, drug side effects, and so on.

Our advice, to distinguish the two conditions above, try to do a testpack. To get more accurate results, you can do a test pack 1 week after a late menstruation. Or, it could also be, you check yourself directly to the doctor or obstetrician for further examination (for example USG). That way, your concerns can be answered, and your complaints can be handled properly.

For now, we recommend that you multiply before taking a break, don't get too tired of your activities. To reduce stiffness, you can apply warm compresses on aching abdomen and waist. Drink a lot, eat regularly, and always lead a healthy lifestyle so that hormonal balance is more maintained, and in the end, menstruation will run more regularly.

Hope this helps ...

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