Spots On Miss V?

Illustration of Spots On Miss V?
Illustration: Spots On Miss V?

Hello dokI have a sister aged 14 street 15 years, he has red spots in the miss v area precisely in the fold, he said he felt a little sore and very itchy. She also has vaginal discharge

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Hello Nisa, Thank you for the question.

Complaints experienced by your sister may be caused by a fungal / ringworm infection. Ringworm is a fungal infection that attacks the skin causing reddish or white areas. Infection can occur in the head, body, groin and genital area, and can occur due to direct contact with the sufferer or indirect contact with contaminated objects. Some of the following factors can cause a person prone to fungal infections, namely using tight pants, hot and humid air, and sharing personal items such as towels or clothing. In addition to ringworm, this symptom can also be caused by irritation or allergies, for example, because of underwear, sanitary napkins, tissues, clothes detergents, and eczema. You should bring your younger sibling to a dermatologist so that the doctor can examine your sister to find the cause. If the cause is confirmed, the doctor will provide the right treatment. The following suggestions can also help your sister:

 do not listen to the itchy area do a compress with cold water on the itchy area to reduce the symptoms of itching bathing regularly twice a day to keep the genital area clean and dry avoid the use of strong scented soap to clean the genital area wash underwear in a gentle detergent until clean avoid use tight pants use underwear made from cotton that easily absorbs sweat avoid exposure to hot and humid air avoid sharing personal belongings with others Hope it helps.

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